Official Distributor of Winkler Structures

Fabric Structures

Clark Services is now BC's Official Distributor of Winkler Structures. Winkler Structures has been manufacturing fabric structures for over 30 years. Committed to providing a quality structure that provides protection from the elements with exceptional load strength. Winkler uses an average of 30% more steel in their structures than most competitors.

Winkler Structures has clear-span solutions for many applications. They are ideal for equipment & machinery storage, work shops, garages, maintenance sheds, raw material storage, agricultural and livestock.

Winkler offers standard free standing single tube buildings as well as engineered Truss Arch buildings that can be custom designed for your specific needs. Clear span widths up to 130' wide. All the steel used in the structures is Allied Gatorshield Tubing. Gatorshield tubing has an organic coating that prevents growth of white rust. High Tolerance: Yield Strength 50,000 psi Tensile Strength: 55,000 psi

Fabric Structures The covers are 12 oz Polyolefin material using North America's industry leaders in coated woven fabric manufacturing. Secured by a pipe and ratchet tie down system. They carry a 15 year pro-rated warranty. They provide natural daytime lighting which can save you on costly electrical bills. These buildings are very economical when compared to conventional framed buildings.

Building options are free standing with no foundation needed as well as truss buildings that can be put on wood, concrete, or steel pony walls. They are very versatile and can be relocated. Call Clark Services today for a quote on your specific needs. Or visit Winkler Canvas for more details.

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